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About Account Safety

Dear customers, during an increase fraud activity recently, we are here to remind you should keep account information secret and definitely not tell any other third-party about it.

Usually regular sellers have their own working people to earn wow gold in game and then sell them to players. Or they buy wow gold through formal channels to fullfil thier own stock. But some Unscrupulous salesmen usually look for ultra cheap wow gold in an abnormal way and sell them at a high price.

If you choose an unsafe site and tell your own account information to their people, they may steal all the item or wow gold on your account. If you hand over your account to an unreliable working team, after dealing with you successfully he may change his character name by using another one which is similar to original to make fool with you. Pretending to be one of the working team in game, he can said that there's something wrong with your account and ask you to give it back. that's the way how they steal wow gold in one's account and then sell them to others to earn more profit.

We strongly advise you keeping your account information from telling others except your trusted sellers and being careful when talking to somebody in game. Our site is always well praised by most players and we promise we never do these terrible things to our customers and never steal players' wow gold and item in game.

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