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Make Software: Change the World Exhibit to Feature WoW

2016-12-29 2:33:53

Blizzard's World of Warcraft will be featured in an upcoming display at the Computer History Museum as part of the Make Software: Change the World exhibit. WoW will be accompanied by other innovators including Photoshop, MP3, and Wikipedia as those programs that impact people everywhere.Buy cheap wow gold!

Computers help us design safer cars, diagnose disease, and battle Orcs. They manage our business by day and entertain us at night. Smartphones can hail a cab, send a text, play a tune or search the world’s information. All thanks to software.

Designed for middle schoolers, families, and adults, this freshly imagined exhibition features multimedia and touchscreen interactives, including a Software Lab at the heart of the exhibition where visitors can explore coding hands-on.

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