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The Nighthold Raid Preview & Release Schedule

2017-1-4 1:45:00

The World of Warcraft community site has been updated with the release schedule for the next raid in the Legion expansion, The Nighthold. The Nighthold consists of four wings, Arcing Aqueducts, Royal Athenaeum, Nightspire and Betrayer's Rise. Players will face off with Gul'Dan for the final time (presumably!) atop the Nighthold.Buy cheap wow gold!

Just as our artists and designers approached the creation of the city of Suramar with the aim of evoking the feel and bustle of a living city under occupation, the dungeon team wanted to make sure the Nighthold really felt like the grand palace of Suramar. From botanical gardens to guest quarters, from an observatory to chambers enclosing the power source of nightborne civilization, we tried to build a grand royal court and then consider how the Legion’s presence would affect and transform that foundation. Many of our raid zones are dark and oppressive places, by necessity—the domain of Xavius cannot be bright and cheery—but the Nighthold offers a raid environment that is both beautiful and deadly.

The raid will open according to the following schedule:

  • January 18 - Normal and Heroic difficulties
  • January 25 - Mythic difficulty and LFR Wing 1
  • February 8 - LFR Wing 2
  • February 22 - LFR Wing 3
  • March 8 - LFR Wing 4

You can read more about each wing and some of the bosses players will encounter in The Nighthold by visiting the

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