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Official Patch Notes for Tomorrow's 7.1.5 Update Published

2017-1-9 21:43:44

The World of Warcraft community site has been updated with the official patch notes for tomorrow's beefy 7.1.5 update. Players can look forward to the new Pandaria Timewalking event complete with a new mount, new pets and new toys. In addition, the revamped Brawler's Guild will make its return with several new bosses including some that hearken to Overwatch. Players can earn a new mount, new shirts, a new battle pet and new achievements.Buy cheap wow gold!

For current Legion players, there are significant changes coming to the expansion's legendaries and a 'rebalance' pass has been made for all classes and specs for both PvP and PvE. Secondary stat changes will be implemented as well as new BoA items to help alt characters catch up in Artifact Knowledge. Professions have also been updated.

Micro-holidays, the "just for fun" content, will be coming. Premade groups can be formed via the quest tracker, the Legion app has been updated and much more.

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