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Ruins of Sescheron Previewed

2016-6-6 0:58:05

Diablo III will be updated soon with the v2.3 patch that will bring big changes to the game including a new location called The Ruins of Sescheron, once a shining city symbolizing Barbarian unity.

Blizzard has posted a new preview of Sescheron that includes a pair of videos, onethat flies through the ruins as they stand today and the second, a throwback lore video from Diablo II, is a cinematic that shows the story behind Sescheron and the lone Barbarian chieftan, Kanai, who dared to deny Baal entrance into the city. diablo 3 gold. Following that denial, Baal laid waste to Sescheron and its inhabitants, leaving all in ruin. For those who love Diablo II, this is a walk down memory lane.

On a more practical note, players will also find the new Kanai's Cube on a quest from Zoltun Kulle, a tool for crafting enhancements, rerolling item stats and more.

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