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2016-10-7 17:15:23

The 2.3 patch to Diablo III will be bringing big changes into the game. In the latest preview of some of the larger pieces of the game to undergo the developer "knife", adventure mode is in the spotlight.

To begin with, crafting has been slimmed down, both in terms of the number of reagents needed to craft items and in the number of recipes to which each crafter has access. The driving force, according to the team, is to make all materials viable for crafting across the levels and to make created items more meaningful and useful.

Bounties will only be available in one act at a time. Once completed, a new bounty in another act will appear and continue to do so as long as players are in a game and even repeat at times. Devs want players to cease having to exit the game and restart simply for a chance at an act-specific bounty.

The Realm of Trials has been removed and the following changes are in place for both Greater and Nephalim Rifts:

Let's start with the biggest change that you asked for: the Realm of Trials has been removed from the game. To accommodate this huge change, we've reduced the number of Greater Rift keys down to a single, universal type. buy diablo 3 gold. These new keys are used at the Nephalem Obelisk to enter any level Greater Rift, up to one higher than the highest level you have previously completed (though if you totally crush a Greater Rift, you can still move up to 3 ranks at a time). In addition, we've removed Rift Fragments from the game. Nephalem Rifts are now open to players of all levels and difficulty, requiring no special key to access.

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