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There's a New Cow Level in Town

2016-10-9 13:16:29

YouTube streamer MadTom has posted a video that shows a brand new (and unexpected) Diablo 3 Secret Cow Level. Players need to travel to the Ruins of Sescheron, head to the Immortal Throne and speak with Kanai. buy diablo 3 gold. He will pound his halberd three times on the floor and VOILA! A portal opens to Kanai's Stomping Grounds!

This special cow level is only available in March, the birth month of Kevin Kanai Griffith, a Blizzard developer  who passed away in 2014 and for whom the Kanai's Cube was named:

    The Kanai event has actually been present since Patch 2.4.0 launched, but is only available during March - the real world birth month of Kevin Kanai Griffith, the artist for whom Kanai's Cube (and King Kanai) is named.

    For those of you who may not know, Kevin was a talented and dedicated member of the Diablo III development team who passed away in October of 2014 from a rare form of cancer. If you'd like to read more about Kevin, we included a short biography of his contributions to Diablo (and Blizzard as a whole) in the Kanai's Cube preview.

    This event is a chance for folks to get to adventure with Kanai one more time. We hope you enjoy the opportunity as much as we do.

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