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Alert Trap Of Ultra Cheap WoW Gold

Dear Customers,

We received some complain from some clients recently.That they just scamed by a website which sell wow gold in very lower price. Those scammer website lead these player a large loss of money.

To avoid the other clients meet such a problem, we are formally inform you keep away from the Trap Of Ultra Lower Price.

Those scammer website features

** The price of wow gold on those sites are attarctive but too much lower than the price on the market.
** The keep the price same price always or a change that you can never tell.

Those low price can attract most players purchase gold from them.In fact, the price for wow gold is changable according to the market place. Some website can short some profit to gain more customers, but those website could not keep the price same price always. Please pick up the website you really worth to go.

However, the money they have earned even can't support their working people and how can the whole company survive in the competitive market? That's because they don't have to survive, as long as they can make sure they have made a large amount of money, they will close down their websites forever. There is no doubt that what they do to our players is not allowed by any moral company. So we strongly advise our players not buying wow gold from these unsafe sites, although it is said that they are 100% safe guaranteed. Don't be cheated by the low price any more, we recommend you choose well-public praised websites or the ones which have existed for a long period in the market instead.

How to avoid those trap?

1.Compare the price for two website. If you site with the price 20% lower than the other, turn off it.
2.Check the website set up time. If it's a brand new website, you should take care of it, and keep an eye on it.
3.Watch the website for 3 days.If the price of the website is the same always in the 3 days, get rif of it.

Sincerely Your
MMO New Games Group

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